Photo & Picture Tiles for Wall -

Do you have cherished moments that deserve to be shared with the world? If your answer is yes, you're in need of personalized, high-quality photo prints that can adorn your walls. Unleash your creativity and let your playful side shine as you weave captivating tales about yourself. With sticky picture tiles, the possibilities are endless. A few easy steps are all it takes to create your own wall art prints. Once your masterpiece is ready, the team will bring it to life and swiftly deliver it to your doorstep. From there, you can effortlessly apply your pictures to your wall, instantly conjuring a mesmerizing ambiance that reflects your unique story.


How to Create Your Wall Picture Tiles in 3 Steps?

Creating your personalized wall picture tiles is a simple three-step process that empowers you to design a unique and expressive wall decor. Here's how to bring your vision to life:

Step 1: Choose Your Images
Begin by selecting the images that resonate with your style and aesthetic. Whether they are personal photographs, artwork, designs, or visual elements capturing cherished memories, your photo tiles are a canvas for your imagination.

Step 2: Customize Your Layout
With your chosen images in hand, it's time to decide on the layout of your wall picture tiles. The possibilities are endless. You can opt for a uniform and symmetrical arrangement that exudes sophistication, or you can create a dynamic and eclectic display that mirrors your unique personality. Experiment with different configurations until you find the one that truly speaks to you.

Step 3: Easy Application
Applying your photo and picture tiles to your wall is incredibly straightforward, thanks to their user-friendly design. There's no need for nails, screws, or complex installation procedures. Simply peel off the backing and adhere the tiles to your wall – it's that simple. This hassle-free application process ensures that updating your wall decor is a breeze. You can effortlessly rearrange or replace the tiles as your tastes evolve, all without causing any damage to your walls.

Benefits of Using Photo & Picture Tiles for Wall Decoration

  1. Adaptable Wall Décor
    CThese versatile tiles seamlessly fit into virtually any room within your home. Whether your aim is to craft an enchanting gallery wall, introduce a dynamic accent piece, or curate a changing showcase of cherished memories, these photo tiles easily conform to your ever-evolving decor preferences.
  2. Simple Application
    One of the most significant advantages of photo and picture tiles is their ease of application. The process is straightforward – just peel off the backing and adhere them to your wall. This simplicity ensures that updating your wall decor is a breeze, with the flexibility to rearrange or replace tiles as you wish, all without causing any damage to your walls.
  3. Artful Storytelling
    Your wall picture tiles allow you to tell a story or convey a theme through your arrangement. Each tile contributes to the narrative, creating a dynamic and engaging visual experience. This artful storytelling can capture attention and evoke emotions in anyone who encounters your wall decor.
  4. Diverse Display Options
    Whether you prefer a symmetrical arrangement, a visually dynamic display, or an ever-changing wall decor, photo and picture tiles can adapt to your diverse display needs. Their versatility and adaptability ensure that your wall decor always aligns with your evolving style and decor theme.
  5. Effortless Maintenance
    Maintaining photo and picture tiles is a breeze. Cleaning is simple, and their durability ensures that your wall decor continues to adorn your home with beauty for years to come.
  6. Wonderful Gifts
    The beauty of photo and picture tiles extends far beyond typical gifts. They provide an extraordinary chance to bond with your loved ones by sharing memories, forging a lasting legacy, or introducing art into their lives. Photo and picture tiles serve as considerate and personalized presents that will hold a special place in the hearts of your loved ones, no matter the occasion. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, or significant milestones, these tiles infuse each gift-giving moment with an artistic touch and a generous dose of sentiment.


Transform cherished memories and breathtaking scenes into captivating home or office decor. The perfect picture tile or frame has the power to infuse vibrant colors into your space or make it come alive. With, you can reimagine your memories in a distinctive style, turning them into elegant adornments for your walls or desk. Simply choose your favorite photos, upload them on, complete your order, and in just a few days, your wall picture tiles will be ready to grace your space.